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Company Profile

Shanghai open to new technologies Engineering Limited ( hereinafter referred to as open to the company ) was founded in 1992 , the company's aim is thermal power , utilization of new technology research and application development in the field of energy conservation , environmental protection and resource -based, promote production Gakken combined to achieve scientific research and application and promotion. Former Ministry of Machinery Engineer , China Academy of Engineering, Mr. Yao Fusheng , served as honorary chairman of the company . Headquartered in Xuhui District, Huayi Building , research and development company based in Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Development Zone , the company set up research and manufacturing base in Minhang District, Shanghai .


Open to the company is specialized in the research and development of new technologies , engineering, construction and operational management contracting high-tech enterprises . Has technology research and development, scientific and technological achievements , Environmental Protection Department , Ministry of automation and control , marketing department and other research and development and scientific and technological achievements transformation and application sectors. Its staff of more than 500 people, including scientific and technical personnel nearly 100 people, research and product development and manufacturing more than 100 people , technology products and market operation run more than 300 people .


Open to the company since 1993 , every year has been assessed as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai . With some domestic famous universities , design institutes , research institutes and manufacturing enterprises to establish a wide range of cooperative and collaborative relationship. Its research and development of a number of products have been classified as national new products . Research and development of a number of national patent technology and research awards. Open to the company since its inception, specializing in thermal power , energy conservation , environmental protection and resource conservation and new technology research and development in the field of construction utilization , with a strong new technology, new product research and development capabilities and construction experience. In areas where waste incineration power generation , the company has invested open to set up a project company , Dongguan City Bohai Environmental Resources Development Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Bohai company ) , Dongguan Zhi energy renewable resources Power Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Zhi energy company ) , specializing in waste incineration power generation and application of new technologies and promotion of transformation .


Bohai 's corporate applications open to national patent " rotary hearth type pyrolysis and gasification of municipal solid waste incineration unit ( patent No. 2L02 261678.0)" investment and open to the company developed a unique flue gas treatment technology and other related technologies, independent construct and operate a daily processing 600 tons of garbage incineration plant Houjie a project , creating a domestic private capital to engage in municipal waste incineration project of its kind, the plant put into operation in July 2002 and power generation , and through the Guangdong Provincial environmental Protection Bureau of environmental completion and acceptance . The plant with a total investment 200 million yuan , more than 600 tons of waste processing , waste disposal 21 years to 22.5 million tons in 8100 ~ 8250 hours running , the Internet sale of electricity in 5800 - 63 million kwh , power consumption rate of 14% , the emissions and environmental indicators have reached the national or local standards, including flue gas emission targets ( including dioxins ) can reach EU standards.


Houjie garbage power plant from 2000 a project to build the country since it opened up to private capital investment in the main building for the benefit of the people of the community as a precedent for environmental public works . The plant has created a cycle of domestic garbage power plant construction shortest run most of the cost , lowest power consumption rate , a standard environmental achievements. The plant has been included in the second batch of national key technological transformation "double high-priority" projects and major national resource conservation and environmental protection demonstration projects , and won the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund for SME project support. March 2004 by the scientific and technological achievements of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province , Dongguan City, identification and access to scientific and technological progress awards ( the city's first Grand Prize ) in 2005, a significant saving in Guangdong Province was named "Double Excellence" transformation project excellent project and resource utilization ( the province of 20 outstanding projects ) , established in 2006 in Guangdong Province, circular economy pilot units ( first batch ) , in 2006 was awarded the " exemplary collective " title Dongguan Municipal People's Government ( granted only five years 20 units ) .


Zhi to the company 's latest application development open to national patent " large capacity front rotary grate incineration power generation equipment " ( Patent No. 2L2008 2 0055323.0) and "one rotary hearth " and six national patents and other unique waste disposal technology , construction and operation of independent investment 1,200 tons of garbage daily processing of garbage power plant Houjie two projects. The plant with a total investment 420 million yuan , more than 1,200 tons of waste processing , treatment and disposal of garbage was 450,000 tons, annual operating more than 8200 hours , 100 million kwh in electricity sales over the Internet , power consumption rate is less than 13% . All flue gas emission targets which meet EU standards , to achieve zero pollution emissions.

In order to make sound final disposal of domestic garbage , open to the company developed " garbage improve the calorific value and stability technology ( ie, automatic classification of garbage , biochemical dehydration made fuel technology ) ", " garbage leachate biochemical treatment technology "," municipal solid waste incineration fly ash solidified molten fuel technology "and" garbage incineration slag brick technology "and other industrial test has been completed and will be put into production for industrial applications . So as to provide a full range of domestic garbage and final processing techniques to achieve environmentally sound and standard treatment .

Open to the company also developed "urban wastewater biological treatment technology", "urban sewage sludge anaerobic digestion, biogas technology ," and the ongoing industrial test .

Open to established companies to invest in new packaging equipment Shanghai East Kai Co., Ltd. in early 1998 and put into production scale , which uses the pulp molding process provides for many health care products, mobile phones, telephones , computer components , instrumentation and gas supplies lined packaging, its single package weight up to 8 kg. As pulp molding replace " foam " green industrial packaging material use of renewable resources , the cycle times of economic and energy savings will be more widely applied .

Open to the company developed the first " large diesel generator sets flue gas waste heat power generation system technology and equipment " green energy projects , won the "National 'August ' major scientific and technological achievements certificate" and " National Key in 1996 new Product Certificate ( 1997 ) , " the technology and products currently in the country has been widely used. Because it uses a new needle-type flue gas heat exchanger tube crab claw , low energy efficiency turbine generator parameters and various computer monitor , display systems and conventional instrumentation monitoring system, to meet the different needs of users in the domestic market good promotion prospects.


Open to the company in 1998 in Jiangxi Cement Corporation of years cement 2000 t / d cement kiln built to the first set of 3000 kwh low temperature waste heat power generation project . The success of the project is low-temperature waste heat power generation technology in the cement industry to promote the application provides a successful example , but also for the domestic cement industry, providing an important energy-saving way , it makes the cement burning heat consumption and cost per ton decreased significantly , and achieved significant economic benefits .


Open to both inside and outside the company by ternary rib efficient heat transfer tube developed a new compressor intercoolers and oil coolers , heaters and other automotive waste heat energy efficient products, metallurgy , petrochemical, power, automotive and other industries are widely applications.


Open to corporate applications needle heat transfer tube developed a new set of oil heaters , including heavy tanks needle tube heater , daily precipitation tank and tank heaters and various types of needle syringe heater final , has been in more than engineering application and obtain significant energy savings .


We welcome the community to know there are people to exchange, discuss , utilization of various business cooperation, investment and resources in the field of environmental protection , developing domestic and foreign markets for China's circular economy , contributing to energy saving applications.